The Chamber

Since its foundation in 2005 by Mr. Valéry Safarian, the Belgian Armenian Chamber of Commerce (BACC asbl) is contributing to the development of trade relations between Belgium and Armenia. BACC asbl is a non-profit organization which is not tied to any political party or movement.

As a bilateral chamber of commerce, BACC asbl acts as a partner for both Belgian and Armenian companies and individuals1. In these regards, BACC asbl members speal all official languages of the countries they represent and are deeply rooted in their cultures.

BACC asbl has been officially granted the status of Associated Chamber by the Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 2010. The chamber has its headquarters in Brussels and is also operating from its regional office in Yerevan.

Our mission

At BACC asbl, we are convinced of the strategic fit existing between Belgium and Armenia, resulting in many opportunities for these countries’ economic and financial entities.

We consider that our role and purpose is to build the bridges that will ease cooperation between the two countries and bring our expertise whenever and wherever it is needed. As such, we aim to make Belgium a key commercial partner for Armenia, and vice versa. 

Furthermore and on a local scale, we support national companies’ growth by helping them grow their reach and end-markets.

Our values

  • First and foremost, we value economic development and we strive to take part in the sustainable growth of Belgium and Armenia. In this regard, our aim is to act for a business-friendly climate, prone to trade activity and investments
  • We value dialogue between businesses and communities. We believe that business brings people closer and the strong connections it creates will foster fruitful collaborations
  • We also value fairness, we estimate that all economic entities should have an equal access to growth opportunities
  • We value diversity and opening, we support international connection alliances and believe that sustainable growth can only be achieved through diversified and open economies
  • We value integrity and operate in a honest and fair way at all times
  • We are result-driven and we aim to achieve successful collaborations through our help and assistance to our partners

Our services

  • Promoting investments and business opportunities in Armenia and Belgium
  • Acting as intermediary and assist companies in their development of activities in Armenia or Belgium
  • Organising prospection of the Armenian market together with the local Chamber of Commerce and development agencies (DFA and others) with the Armenian authorities (public tenders), thanks to the Chamber’s network of relations in the country
  • Selecting Armenian or Belgian partners to develop your business with
  • Information related to the creation of Armenian legal entities
  • Secretariat services at the Chamber’s local offices in Yerevan and Brussels
  • Translation of your product/service related to communication, legal advice via competent lawyers
  • Participation in Armenian commercial fairs in the IT, agricultural, industrial sectors

About Armenia

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